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The Way to Happiness – Screenings at the Angoulême Francophone Film Festival

Nicolas Steil’s feature film, THE WAY TO HAPPINESS, will be screened for the first time during its selection in official competition at the Angoulême Francophone Film Festival. During the festival, the film will be screened five times:

Wednesday 25 August: 1.30pm – CGR – L’Eperon
Wednesday 25 August: 5pm – Le Cnam-Enjmin – Le Nil
Thursday 26 August: 1.30pm – CIBDI – Salle Némo

Friday 27 August: 8pm – Le Cnam-Enjmin – Le Nil
Special screening in the presence of the film crew

Saturday 28 August: 10pm – Espace Franquin – Salle Luis Bunuel


THE WAY TO HAPPINESS will be in competition for the Valois awards, which will be presented during the Closing Ceremony on Sunday 29 August.

Created by Dominique Besnehard and Marie-France Brière, the Angoulême Francophone Film Festival will celebrate its 14th edition this year. The jury of the official competition will be chaired by Nicole Garcia.